ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-E Gaming WiFi Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-12-21

We’ve already feasted our eyes on a number of Z690 models here at Vortez – each having their own strengths and weaknesses, but does the STRIX Z690-E Gaming WiFi do enough to separate itself from the competition?

First and foremost, ROG has done a superb job on the aesthetics with this motherboard, it is very appealing and oozes style. It is true that many board designers are opting for a monochrome colour palate, but E has a few unique character tics up its sleeve.

This motherboard has a lot to offer – regardless of which way you come in at, whether its storage, memory options, or USB connectivity as a few examples, it serves up a good helping in each department. PCIe 5.0 is one of the biggest talking points for this generation, and E provides us with a PCIe x16 slot and M.2 capable of tapping into such tech (as and when it becomes available). The USB connectivity is far reaching – providing a plethora of fast ports, including USB Gen2x2 Type-C. Most Intel Z690 motherboards come with these features – so it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but there are some additional perks which may sway a purchase. E comes with extras such as LED debug, Q-Code, up to 8 fan headers, a handy push to release PCIe button and enhanced cooling for the uppermost M.2 slot.

Performance from E is solid and consistently good and the VRM/chipset cooling performance is also very encouraging – providing us with better than average results.

Our only gripe is the cost. This motherboard comes in at GBP £500 | USD $450 | AUD $800. This is significantly more than last seasons Z590 version. There are unfortunately other models which offer the same/similar features for a lower price-tag.

The STRIX Z690-E Gaming WiFi is laden with exciting features and will provide a solid foundation for Intel’s new 12th Gen. platform.

+ Visually impressive design
+ Good layout
+ Decent VRM thermals
+ Features a number of advanced diagnostic features
+ Comes with M.2 add-in card
+ Useful quick release features for M.2 and PCIe
+ Offers solid performance
+ Plenty of USB connectivity
+ Up to 8 fan headers
+ Support for up to 6400MHz DDR5 memory
+ Features a PCIe 5.0 M.2 slot
+ Extensive accessories bundle

- Expensive

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