ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QNR Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅02-02-21

The ASUS ROG team never do things by halves and this is evident in the Swift PG259QNR. This new display is jam-packed with features and tech, showing all the hallmarks for a flagship gaming monitor.

The headline feature for the PG259QNR is that 360Hz refresh which presents the silkiest performance we’ve ever encountered. Combine this with HDR10, 1ms ultra-fast response time and G-SYNC and all the ingredients for a thrilling gaming experience.

NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer is a new feature/technology which has been included in this monitor and other 360Hz G-SYNC capable models. In a nutshell, this tool allows gamers to understand system responsiveness and identify what requires an adjustment to optimise a system configuration and prevent unnecessary latency.

While you may turn to another model for tasks outside of gaming, the colour restoration is not to be disregarded. We found the colour to be strong, vibrant and with a good balance of brightness and contrast.

All of this tech does come at a cost though and this 24-inch model arrives with the ludicrous price-tag of USD $900 | AUD $1300 | GBP £790. In some cases, this is almost double that of other 24-inch 1080p gaming displays which also adopt G-SYNC but with 240Hz refresh. You will find most of these models opt for a TN panel which are inferior to that of IPS in terms of viewing angles, clarity and colour reproduction. Response time is typically within a TN panelled monitors favour but this Swift unit combats that by offering 1ms ultra-fast response. So yes, this ticks all of the boxes for being the best all-rounders for competitive gaming. It shows little-to-no weaknesses. Another factor to consider is that the price-tag here enters 27-inch territory and we'd probably be more inclined to move to larger screen realestate (while still having 165Hz and G-SYNC) for similar money.

If you’re a hardcore gamer that wants the very best features in a 1080p monitor, the Swift PG259QNR is the best you can get!

+ Easy to use OSD
+ Silky smooth 360Hz refresh rate
+ Ultra-fast 1ms response time
+ NVIDIA Reflex Latency Analyzer ready
+ Wide color gamut
+ Good viewing angles
+ HDR with Rich contrast
+ 100x100mm VESA mount ready
+ Includes a desk clamp
+ Colour reproduction is not only great in game, but in Windows

- Thin bezel but still retains border within Windows
- New display, but doesn’t arrive with HDMI 2.1
- Expensive, enters 27-inch territory

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