ASUS ROG Spatha Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅01-05-16

The ROG Spatha is an interesting mouse, one that comes in glittering in a way that is almost guaranteed to make nerds, gamers, and tech enthusiasts drool a little, something that is part of the magic that the ASUS/ROG design teams have. Though the reality seems a little less appealing. There is a number of things that the Spatha does really well, in fact, its hard to imagine what more you would want from a premium wireless/wired mouse. The charging dock is perfect, the material construction, finish and design looks awesome, and it comes bundled with everything you would want and need, including those lovely little ROG badges.

There are some points that we then need to consider, mostly the whole size/weight thing. This will be an area that is highly subjective based on peoples preference. Some may love a huge mouse (89x137x45mm), some may love a heavy mouse (178.5g), but this will put it in a rather niche area. Though it claims to be comfortable for palm and claw grips, I would say that the Spatha is expressly a PALM grip mouse, fantastic for many people. In regards to claw grips, it isn't that it is uncomfortable, it is just strange and takes a bit of getting used to. Finally, the side buttons were a little too unorthodox in size and spacing, again making it rather difficult to get used to.

These latter points are rather subjective and there is so much in the ROG Spatha that is innovative and forward thinking. Such as the replaceable switches and a first (in our experience) to feature a 2000Hz polling rate. This level of innovation from ASUS is ever surprising, yet also somewhat expected from the ROG brand. All things considered, the Spatha has a lot to love, and for the right people it would be easy to recommend. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the market for a new premium mouse!

The Spatha mouse speaks volumes about ASUS' ability to innovate enthusiast features even in the area the humble mouse.

+ High quality construction (magnesium alloy frame)
+ Suitable for large hands
+ Replaceable switch sockets
+ Attractive lighting
+ Wireless/wired design
+ Charging dock
+ Accessory bundle
+ 2000 Hz polling rate (wired)
+ Good supporting software

- Big & heavy
- Awkward side buttons

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