ASUS TUF Gaming M5 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅22-01-19
After using the M5 for a few days and giving it a fair crack at the whip, it performs fairly well for its price point.

The 6200 DPI sensor is accurate for the most part, but we felt it was doing something slightly awry when trying to use it in a snap-shooter which sadly detracts from the overall appeal somewhat. We also found that the optical sensorís operating range was only reliable at anything below 3000; thatís not much of an issue, however, with most users generally sticking to sensitivities lower than that.

The RGB lighting is a nice addition and is well implemented. Itís not over the top and is plenty bright enough to be vivid and colourful without causing glare in a dark room. ASUS have found a good balance here.

Build quality is decent, thereís no rattling or a feel of poor workmanship but the lightweight chassis and rubber-coated cable donít do it any favours. A braided cable addition cannot be that costly, surely.

Finally, the software. This is where we feel ASUS let us down a lot in this review. Having to reboot the PC and plug in the mouse was a pain in the neck whenever an adjustment had to be made. ASUS will no-doubt resolve this issue with an update to the software but at the time of writing, it presents a huge issue. Without a second input device, or an intricate knowledge of navigating Windows via the keyboard, itís almost impossible.

The ASUS TUF Gaming M5 offers an inexpensive entry into the world of higher end peripherals, but the lack of sensor accuracy at speed and the ROG Armoury software ruin any enjoyment you might've had.

+ Comfortable for claw/fingertip grip users
+ Lovely RGB lighting
+ Relatively cheap
+ Decent build quality

- ASUS ROG Armoury doesnít work properly
- Rubber-coated cable
- Poor high-speed sensor accuracy

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