👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-02-17

In our testing, we were truly taken aback by how good the Armato looks, and if you love the aesthetics, you will not only be pleased by this keyboard, but surprised by its additional gamer friendly features that allow it to live up to the company's slogan (Elegantly Fierce). It is beautiful, and direct in its function, something that can be enjoyed by more than just gamers, but the typist or casual PC user too.

The Armato does have some fairly minor points worth noting. Firstly, the edge metal flex, while unlikely anyone will go out their way to pull the metal plate upwards, an accidental slip or fall while being moved could potentially cause the aluminium on the top left and top right edges (by the bottom side of the volume roller and opposite side) to lift up and potentially warp, causing us to wonder why the roller was required to be soo large and jut out so far and weaken the frame. Also, the dedicated media keys, could certainly be improved.

Touching again on the colour design, I can't help but feel that maybe the Armato could have been less tomato and a more neutral silver/chrome. Pair this with RGB lighting, and it would instantly open up its desirability. Sure, some may see RGB lighting as a 'gimmick' but if we have learned anything from 2016 and what's to come in 2017, RGB lighting is here to stay.

Considering its pricing, there are Keyboards that offer a similar feature set, if not, more than what the Armato has to offer. So for some, the beautiful aesthetics alone may not cut it when you can find the K70 series keyboards scattered around that $129 price-point. Though you could easily argue that the Armato is a great alternative, and its dedicated macro keys alone is enough to help it find its audience and thus make it a worthwhile investment.

On the surface, the Armato is absolutely stunning, yet has that little extra depth with its cherry picked repertoire of gaming orientated features. Elegantly Fierce indeed!

+ Beautiful design
+ Comfortable to use (includes magnetic wrist rest)
+ LED Back-lit
+ Driverless, easy to setup
+ Full NKRO
+ Dedicated media keys + volume roller
+ 5 dedicated macro keys

- Up against some tough competition
- Faceplate has some weak points at the edges

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