Battlefield 4 Review (PC)

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅26-11-13
Given that the Battlefield series is primarily a multiplayer experience your money can stretch as far as you want it to. As I mentioned earlier, if you are considering buying this purely for the single player experience than I advise against that. It offers nothing new and is not long enough to pay full price for.

DICE will be releasing a large amount of DLC for this game which range from more maps to different weapons and cosmetic items. There also is a premium membership that allows you to access all the DLC including early access to content, extended access to multi XP events which happen frequently and server queue priority. The first DLC, China Rising is due for release in December and is available to all premium subscribers as well as anyone who pre-ordered.

A premium subscription will cost around 30, $48 USD or $53 AUD, which is about the same price of the game alone. Its really up to you as to whether this is good value or not but considering the amount of content as well as other benefits its really quite good value.

Battlefield 4 offers a great experience online and follows its roots as a solid multiplayer game. Not only does it look and sound incredible but is scalable to suit many PCs of varying power and with a vast array of future content planned it represents great value for money. Make sure you head to for a very good deal.

Despite the poor single player campaign it does show off the Frostbite 3 engine which sets a high standard for other games to follow. The dynamically changing multiplayer maps add a level of immersion not seen in many games to date and can often mean you have to adjust your play style.

Battlefield 4 is a solid FPS that caters to many different play styles and gives the player the freedom to experience the battlefield in their own way.

+ Fun to play
+ High quality graphics and audio
+ Plenty of options for PC gamers
+ Well optimised for a broad range of systems
+ Lots of weapon, vehicle and player customisation options available
+ Great value for money

- Very weak single player
- Issues from launch
- Long loading times between maps

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