be quiet! Pure Base 600 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅28-03-17

be quiet! are known for their clinical approach to product development as they focus on practical and functional designs which completely shy away from some of the useless gimmicks from other brands, which appear to plague the indstrsy.

It is this ethos which is once again realise in the Pure Base 600 Window. The non-windowed version of this chassis was introduced at the beginning of the year, but with popularity for tempered glass ever increasing, be quiet! wisely took it upon themselves to bring to market a modified variant. As with both editions, PB 600 is an elegant computer case which boasts smooth lines and the type of livery that minimalists appreciate.

While the tempered glass is obviously associated with high-quality, the rest of the chassis has also been engineered to a high standard also. Although we are dealing with a case which takes pride in taking things back to the basics, system builders can rest assured that there haven’t been any cutbacks in terms of build quality.

Moving inside PB 600 Window, we are presented with a spacious environment to build Mini-ITX, Micro ATX and ATX systems. There are tool-free mechanisms for installing kit, numerous locations for moving in different sized water cooling components and there are flexible storage solutions for 2.5” and 3.5” drives. be quiet!’s inclusion of the floating HDD trays is a novel idea and allows users to detach any unwanted trays to free up space for multi-GPU configurations and front cooling.

Low-noise has always been a forte of this brands’ and the PB 600 Window emits very little noise even with the cooling fans switched onto “high”. The presence of a fan controller is appreciated at this price point because there are many rival computer cases which omit the inclusion of being able to modify the speed of the cooling fans in such a way.

Current pricing for PB 600 Window indicates that this case is available for £89.99 GBP / $100 USD, which makes a case of this calibre decent value. It has all of the features most users could need and even adds in a touch of premium with a tempered glass panel.

Despite taking on a ‘back to basics’ approach, Pure Base 600 presents all of the essentials to a rather high-standard, and this windowed edition with its tempered glass panel only serves to amplify this!

+ Subtle styling
+ Great build quality
+ Reasonably priced
+ Features a three-speed fan controller
+ Innovative storage solutions
+ Can host high-end kit
+ Good support for radiators
+ Low-noise operation

- Cable management can be tricky

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