be quiet! Pure Loop 240mm Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅13-10-20

After revamping our CPU cooling test system, we were left with a clean slate and the opportunity to test out a bunch of new thermal solutions consecutively, providing a baseline for our 2020 reviews and beyond!

The Pure Loop isnít marked out as a flagship product but rather, more of an entry-level option for those wanting liquid cooling without the overbearing flamboyance of RGB LED lighting. The design is simple, and it works well. Pure Loop does deliver some lighting but it is minimal, unfortunately there isnít any way to adjust the brightness or disable altogether.

The installation process we found to be without any glaring issues, though we did find the requirement to install crossbars and fiddle around with small crews slightly cumbersome. It would be nice to have and easier process.

On the performance front Pure Loop performs exceedingly well. It had no problems controlling the temperatures on our Intel Core i9-10900K. In fact, of the lineup of CPU coolers we tested out, Pure Loop came out on top Ė delivering the best temperature under idle and load conditions. This was further solidified with a win in the acoustics division too. True to form, be quiet! also came out on top in low-noise operation providing great thermals without the need to irritate the ears!

Pricing sees Pure Loop 240 arrive with a price-tag of £111 GBP | £95 USD | $150 AUD. Such a pricepoint means that this 240mm cooler is neither the cheapest or most expensive of its kind. In fact, itís slap bang in the centre of the marketplace. However, it is backed by a lengthy 3 year warranty and also comes accompanied with re-filling solution which definitely adds value to the deal!

Pure Loop may compromise on RGB lighting but it doesnít fall behind on performance. This cooler provides impressive results both in the thermals and acoustics department and is worty of consideration for those in the market for a new liquid cooler.

+ Clean looking design
+ Multiple size options (120-360mm)
+ Excellent thermal performance
+ Low-noise
+ Come with re-fill solution
+ 3 years warranty

- Fixed lighting

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