be quiet! Silent Base 600 Window Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-10-15

The Silent Base 600 Window takes the key elements of its larger brother the Silent Base 800 and squeezes them into a smaller chassis. So low-noise is the order of the day, with thick panels, noise reduction material and on our windowed edition; double glazing a significant reduction in noise.

SB 600’s external design is largely plastic. The top and front panels, although they appear to be metal are ABS plastic. Delving inside the chassis we are met by a feature laden configuration with plenty of cut-outs for cable management and tool-less mechanisms to get kit in and out of the case as quick as possible. The space and layout lends itself to housing a wide selection of hardware including the larger CPU coolers and high-end graphics cards. Water cooling radiators are also supported but there are a few limitations on the size and specifications.

The asking price for SB 600 Window is £94 GBP / $119.90 USD – a figure which isn’t far away from its bigger brother the SB 800 Window. In this price bracket there are some well-established favourites and be quiet! could have a battle on their hands to move into the spotlight. SB 600 does come with a handy fan controller but also lacks a few features the SB 800 brings, such as an extra fan and more flexibility. We feel be quiet! should drop the price of SB 600 to reflect this.

The 600 Window is a nice addition to the Silent Base series. This case is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and offers a decent feature-set with low-noise as the primary objective.

+ Appealing to the eye
+ Well-built
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Includes a fan controller
+ Low-noise operation

- Price
- Lots of external plastic
- Lacks support for larger radiator at front

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