Cooler Master MasterMouse S Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅09-01-17

The MasterMouse S is one of those mice that can just do-it-all. From the outside in, everything just feels, right. The grip and control, the comfort and texture, the subtle aesthetics of the textured surface complimented with the RGB lighting, and more importantly, its performance is simply fantastic. All this without even mentioning the easy to use supporting software that provides advanced customisation and programmanility.

Considering its price point there are some aspects that don't quite live up to some expectations when compared to higher end products, such as the slightly spongy main clicks and side buttons, but in testing, these factors fade into obscurity and didn't even register while focusing in game. Some people may prefer a larger or more shaped mouse especially if you have large hands and use a palm grip. Though as someone with hands measuring 200mm from tip to wrist, we found it ideal for a claw grip.

Compared to the competition, there are some very competitive mice out there that are similarly priced (30-40), and so it would come down to the user to decide which is best for their grip style. If you like neutral, ambidextrous shaped mice, or you use a claw grip, the MasterMouse S is a fantastic place to start. Welcome to 2017.

If you were looking for a good value claw grip mouse, look no more. The MasterMouse S is beautiful, accurate, and full of good stuff.

+ Comfortable for any grip
+ Ambidextrous
+ Top quality UV coating
+ Excellent software support
+ Attractive aesthetics and lighting
+ On-board processor and 512kb memory

- Buttons could be a little less squishy
- Some may prefer a slightly larger mouse

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