Cooler Master Silencio 650 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-09-12

Weve reached the end of the review so how is Silencio 650? Does it bring silence? How is cooling?

Aesthetically 650 is a very nice computer chassis. Cooler Master have hit the nail on the head with styling, I really like how this chassis looks with its diamond precision cut aluminium front and sleek design.

650s feature-set is where it also shines; this elegant chassis has a two-speed fan controller, SD card reader, dual boot switch, hot swappable HDD and more. To top this off build quality inside is very good and is laden with tool-less mechanisms for installing kit.

Being part of the Silencio Series, Silence is obviously a key characteristic and it is successful in achieving silence a combination of low noise fans, closed panels and foam padding helps to reduce noise levels down to almost being inaudible.

Compared to other similar alternatives, 650 is at the higher end in terms of pricing. At 105inc. VAT, 650 is 20 more than other rival silent mid-tower chassis. Its certainly worth the money but could benefit from a slight price drop to keep it in line with competitors.

Silencio 650 achieves what it sets out to; silence. Styling, build quality and features are very good and we would recommend this chassis to anyone who is looking for a quality, quiet mid-tower that boasts many useful features.

+ Professional styling
+ Great build quality
+ Hot swappable HDD
+ Two-speed fan controller
+ SD card reader
+ Dual boot switch
+ Silent

- Cheaper alternatives

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