Cooler Master V8 GTS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅19-11-13

Catching an initial glimpse of V8 GTS, it’s quite clear Cooler Master’s intention with this CPU cooler is on high-performance. Adopting a unique physical appearance, GTS is Cooler Master’s most resilient attempt at air cooling but has it been a triumph?

There is no denying that GTS is distinct in both its engineering and styling. Although the size of this cooler would lead you to believe there is poor compatibility for other components, having a triple heatsink configuration actually means there is good memory clearance if you have a tall memory kit. We also think the addition of LED lighting is a nice touch, although this could divide favour due to this type of feature being down to personal preference and since there is no on/off switch.

On the performance front, we found GTS to be a mixed bag. At both stock and overclocked settings our cooler gave our reasonable results but we have to say we expected more from a cooler of this calibre and cost. Having eight heatpipes and having such burly construction, you expect more – especially when competing products in our cooling charts are somewhat cheaper and offer the same, if not better performance.

Being priced at £79.99, GTS is one of the most expensive air CPU coolers currently on the market. Having such a big price attached to it, you really expect outstanding performance but sadly this isn’t the case at all

V8 GTS is an interesting CPU cooler. It has unique characteristics which lend itself to delivering good memory clearance and an attractive LED lighting system but unfortunately is let down by mediocre performance at both stock and overclocked settings and which also comes at a soaring price.

+ Distinct visual appearance
+ LED lighting
+ Compatible with numerous sockets
+ Good memory clearance for tall kits

- Loud fans
- Big and bulky
- Mediocre performance
- Expensive

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