Corsair AX1200i Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-08-12

If you were to ask what Corsair’s flagship PSU is, the AX1200i would undoubtedly be the name you would hear. The AX1200i has been on the cards for sometime now and has been gathering momentum and speculation; now that it is finally here it certainly lives up to the high expectations set.

From the packaging right through to the unit itself its clear we are dealing with a premium product in the AX1200i. Being fully modular means the user gets to decide exactly what cables are used. The modular cables are grouped into insulated and sleeved; both are great quality and are completely black to help keep the inside of the computer chassis clean and tidy.

Tested at 50% and 87% the AX1200i handled a dual and triple graphics card setup with a breeze. Voltage variance presented no cause for concern and remained consistently strong throughout. The 140mm dual ball bearing fan remained quiet throughout the entire process and at idle even stopped spinning due to the overall power consumption being less than 20%.

Priced at £269 the AX1200i is no small investment. Clearly, those who are in the market for this calibre of PSU need multi-GPU support and are seeking the best of the best. On offer is a massive 7 years warranty and full flexibility being fully modular.

AX1200i pushes the boundaries, it handles multi-GPU configurations with a breeze, offers complete flexibility with modular cables and is backed by a confident 7 years warranty. Being thoroughly impressed by this new unit the Editor's Choice award is rightly deserved.

+ Great looking
+ Digital Corsair Link enabled
+ Strong performance
+ Platinum efficiency
+ Full modular
+ Quiet under load
+ Fan stops if less than 30% load

- Price

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