Corsair CX600M Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-05-13

The power supply is the most overlooked component for first-time system builders. Scrimping on such a device can leave you with short or even long-term problems, opting for a no-frills brand can result in component fail too, should the PSU fry. Always invest in a quality, reputable brand for power supplies.

We’re pleased to say that Corsair are a brand that enthusiasts and system builders can rely upon. The CX600M and other units that Corsair supply, come with a variety of protection features to prevent such occurrences as overheating and overvoltage.

CX600M has attractive aesthetics, even the cables are adorned in such a way to assist with concealment. We found cable management easy to maintain due to the materials used and are malleable and therefore easy to route in and around the motherboard tray.

Under 65% AC load we found the unit quiet during such operation, in fact one of the quietest PSUs we have had the pleasure of using. CX600M also comes with a 3 year warranty which is sure to be great selling point.

Priced at just £63 the CX600M is a very affordable option for enthusiasts and system builders wanting to configure a single GPU based system with plenty of drives and even an overclock.

CX600M is one of the quietest PSUs we have taken a look at and our experience with it is reveals a great option for enthusiasts and system builders who are on a tight budget but still demand great cable management features.

+ Looks great
+ Easy to maintain cable management
+ Easy to conceal cables
+ Quiet under load
+ 3 year warranty
+ Great value for money

- There are none

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