Corsair H115i Pro RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-01-18
With the inclusion of RGB lighting and Corsair's Magnetic Levitation fans, this new H115i Pro RGB represents a decent improvement over the previous iteration.

We saw some impressive thermal results from the H115i Pro RGB, maxing out at 34C above ambient, while overclocked; that's the best result we've had on the overclocked profile so far. Idle results and acoustics were both good, however, it is our belief that some tweaking to the fan profiles, either by the user or by Corsair themselves, could see things improved further.

The RGB pump head looks fantastic inside the case, with a vast range of nearly 17 million colours available. Even when switched off entirely, it still looks stylish and wastes no real-estate within the case.

Installation of the cooler was straight forward and about as easy as it can be, with most parts being "tool-less" excluding the screws to hold the fans onto the radiator.

If it's a toss-up between the NZXT X62 or the H115i Pro RGB, we would have to recommend the Corsair. It improves over the predecessor in almost every way

+ RGB lighting look the part
+ ML 140 fans perform incredibly well
+ Low idle noise
+ Excellent performance all round
+ Five year warranty
+ Easy installation

+- Encroaching on "noisy" while overclocked

- Wires are a little short
- Multi-zone RGB would be nice

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