Corsair H150i Pro RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-01-18
The acoustic results cement this cooler as a solid choice for anyone considering an all-in-one cooling solution, beating the Kraken X62 in the idle tests by a noticeable margin and only just losing out while under load, despite the vast temperature differences. Of course, this can be linked to the three fan arrangement of the Corsair as opposed to the two of the Kraken.

With the current trend leaning heavily towards cases with a tempered glass panel, the RGB lighting adds a further canvas to which you can express your favourite colouring style within the system. Many users like to colour-coordinate based on their interests or favourite eSports team; which ever way you choose to set your RGB up, the options are near-limitless.

Priced at £165, the Corsair H150i Pro is aimed heavily at enthusiasts, almost encroaching on the custom-loop market. The performance we saw certainly attempts to warrant the hefty price tag; if you’re looking for big overclocks or just to keep the whole assembly cool, the H150i Pro will take some beating.

Corsair has included three of their ML120 fans, designed to provide high static pressure and high air flow, both of which are vital for pushing air through a tightly-packed radiator. These fans RRP for £19.99 each, so to include three of these further attempts to justify that £164.99 price tag.

If you have the money, and the space for the 360mm radiator, the Corsair H150i Pro RGB offers incredible performance and looks fantastic.

+ RGB lighting looks great
+ ML 120 fans perform incredibly well
+ Low overall noise
+ Excellent performance all round
+ Five year warranty
+ Easy installation

- Wires are a little short
- Multi-zone RGB would be nice
- Pricey at £165

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