Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-01-19
Corsair, as is generally the case, have nailed it once again with this mouse. Beginning with the price, at £55 in the UK and $50 in the US, there aren’t many proper gaming-orientated wireless mice around this price point, and certainly not with this level of performance.

Firstly, there’s the 10,000 DPI optical sensor which we found to be brilliant for daily use as well as gaming; that sensor coupled with the Corsair Slipstream wireless technology provided a flawless gaming experience that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Comfort is certainly a strong suit of the mouse, suiting a palm grip very nicely, though Corsair could perhaps take a look at the layout of the top shell and the thumb buttons. The tactile OMRON switches are lovely to use and give a solid peace of mind with their 50M click rating. Even clicking the mouse 10,000 times a day, which is an awful lot, you’ll get roughly 13 years out of them.

RGB lighting, which is something many people actively look for these days, is a little lacklustre on this model, but we can fully understand Corsair’s choice to illuminate only a single zone to conserve battery life and reduce weight.

As a roundup, we’d be perfectly happy using the Harpoon Wireless RGB as a daily driver, especially if we were on the move often, the sensor, wireless transmission and battery life are all brilliant, especially for a mouse with this price tag.

+ Solid connection
+ Easy set up
+ Good battery life
+ Excellent gaming performance
+ Comfortable shape
+ Good value
+ Bluetooth, 2.4GHz or wired connections

- Awkward thumb buttons
- RGB lighting lacks any “oomph”

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