Corsair HX850 Professional Gold Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-07-12

Corsair have been on a mission revamping their most successful and popular offerings as of late and the HX series has been one such product to experience a facelift – the results are very pleasing.

We tested the PSU at just under 50% and 80% load and the results proved to be solid even when stressed with a dual-graphics card configuration. Voltage variance presented no issues and the noise levels were likewise of no real concern at 80% load.

Build quality is good and the changes with aesthetics between the older 80 Plus Silver Certified and the new 80 Plus Gold Certified, are a definite improvement. Modular cables are both sleeved and insulated and unlike other PSUs does not reveal coloured cables but instead remains stealthy and excellent for maintaining clean cable management within the computer chassis.

Priced at £140inc. VAT, HX850 is quite a costly investment but you do get a substantial return on your purchase though, there is no doubt this PSU is in a class of its own in terms of quality and performance.

HX850 is a successful revision of an already popular series. Aesthetics have been improved, as has the efficiency. Maintaining good cable management is also very easy thanks to the modular cables. Being impressed with the overall package the HX850 attains our Gold award.

+ Good build quality
+ Modular cables are completely black
+ Great performance
+ Fan stops spinning at if < 20% load
+ 7 Years warranty

- Price

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