Corsair Hydro Series H100i Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20-11-12

In the arena of CPU coolers, whether you are looking at high-end air cooling or self-contained liquid cooling the results to be obtained have settled. Significant advances in thermal performance appears to have flattened, until H100i came along.

The original H100 pushed the boundaries for performance and whilst it was a solid contender for the top-spot it did have some weaknesses which have all been addressed in the next installment. The pump and block are now much more compact, the fan control is now managed via Corsair Link rather than having to remove your computer chassis side panel every time fan speed requires adjusting. Tubing has also changed; being thicker and much more flexible.

Thanks to an easy installation the H100i can be attached to any system in next to no time due to simplicity of design. Peace of mind doesn’t end there either, because of the nature of this cooler the memory region is completely clear of any obstructions unlike air cooling, so it doesn’t matter how tall memory heatsinks are.

Prior to this review the H100 held the top spot for thermal performance and although we had anticipated results would be near to H100 for H100i we didn’t expect such a triumph. H100i outperforms anything we have tested; even with the cooling fans set to ‘Quiet Mode’ (lower RPM) the performance is still outstanding. Corsair have changed the fan of choice for H100i and opted for a much more refined set of fans based on SP120. These fans deliver high-pressure and low-noise, being specifically designed for radiator usage – unlike many other liquid coolers currently available to buy from other brands.

Thankfully most (if not all) computer cases now come with dual 120mm mounting holes at the top, which is what the H100i requires. It’s worth investigating whether your case and motherboard have enough clearance though in order to avoid disappointment. Opting for a Corsair case is encouraged since they obviously engineer their lineup to work in collaboration with their cooling products too.

Priced at £90 the H100i is a far more appealing proposition compared to the likes of other touted 240mm ALCs. Corsair have made a name for themselves in this division and are now well-established with the boundary for outstanding thermal performance now set. H100i may appear high in price but balance this with the high-quality components, included assets and flexibility and it’s easy to see how many will soon become accustomed to this great piece of kit.

The Hydro Series H100i outperforms anything we have yet tested and attains the moniker it has been given ‘Extreme’. It’s ease of installation, flexibility and great features courtesy of Corsair Link help to encapsulate what a liquid cooler should really be. We’ve been mightily impressed by H100i and as such it attains our prestigious Gold award.

+ Excellent thermal performance
+ Compact
+ Easy to install
+ No memory clearance issues
+ Fan control & monitoring via Corsair Link
+ Dual 120mm (High RPM) fans
+ 5 years warranty

- Cost

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