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It’s evident that a cosmetic upgrade is the main selling point for the new CAPELLIX range. Going all-out with RGB LED lighting is a natural progression and something we expected CORSAIR to do sooner actually. The pump design has retained a similar design for countless generations of the Hydro Series so an overhaul was long overdue and we really like what CORSAIR has done – the aesthetics make more of an impact and the option to swap out the pump cap for a transparent version is a nice touch!

It’ll come as no surprise that performance is similar to that which we’ve experienced in the past and that can’t be knocked, it’s positive and good. We now get the added bonus of being able to experience “Zero RPM” mode, which means when the system is idle, the fans will stop spinning – much like how most graphics cards operate. This will assist in keeping overall system noise to a minimum.

For the LGA 1200 – Intel’s 10th Gen. We found the installation process easy and hassle-free. Anyone looking to install one of these coolers should have no problems getting up and running and if it’s your first time, it’ll be relatively plain sailing.

Although it’s probably a necessity, we really like that CORSAIR has included the iCUE Commander NODE – this RGB/fan controller assists with connectivity, helping to tidy up the internals and also allows for a total of 6 fans, which is a great feature for other devices you may have.

The CAPELLIX range is by no means the cheapest set of liquid CPU coolers out there, the intention isn’t to hit the entry level market at all. These coolers are at the upper-end and the included RGB functionality should highlight that, if you want lights… it’s gonna cost ya! Our 240mm model has a price-tag of £150 GBP | $150 USD | $229 AUD and comes with a huge 5 year warranty.

The iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX is a solid liquid CPU cooler which performs well and if RGB LED lighting is what you desire, then look no further!

+ Impressive pump design
+ Multiple size options (240-360mm)
+ Good overall performance
+ Low-noise operation with zero RPM mode
+ Includes Commander NODE
+ Includes transparent pump cap
+ Massive 5 years warranty

- None!

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