Corsair Ironclaw RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-01-19
Thanks to the Ironclaw’s 18K sensor, RGB lighting, lightweight, yet large design and great software, Corsair have scored highly here.

The RGB lighting is vibrant, bright and easy to adjust within the software, which can’t be said for all gaming mice. But we can’t really see a reason for the scroll wheel illumination, if we’re being honest.

Build quality is as expected for a Corsair mouse. Despite the plastic chassis and construction, all of the pieces fit together tightly and form a solid shape.

Comfort, especially for those with larger hands, is absolutely up there with the best. The deep thumb grip, massive size and tall shape make this an ideal candidate for anyone who prefers a large mouse or uses a palm grip.

All in all, we quite like the Ironclaw RGB. We’d absolutely recommend this in the sub-£60 category, though do bear in mind the size of the mouse.

Once again, Corsair’s vast portfolio and research and development budget has shown just what is possible. The Ironclaw RGB performs way above what its price tag would suggest.

+ Large, comfortable shape
+ Great 18k optical sensor
+ Bright RGB lighting (on the back, at least)
+ Decent price
+ iCUE software is easy to configure

- Scroll wheel lighting seems pointless
- Will be too large for most hands and grip styles

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