Corsair K83 Wireless Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅07-03-19
The Corsair K83 provides you with a stylish, robust, easy-to-use keyboard option that can be paired up to your computer, TV or smartphone with ease, however, itís not the be all and end all of keyboards.

The key spacing is just about perfect, we found it easy to type on with a lovely feel, especially considering its lightweight design of under 500g, and the inclusion of the trackpad and analog stick made browsing the web a dream.

Build quality was solid, thereís very little flex despite the thin profile; the aluminium fascia did its job well there. The keys are solid and show little to no sideways movement, however, the volume roller didnít have the typical Corsair-like feel, it spins too easily and the push-to-mute didnít work every time.

Battery life was never an issue for us. We didnít actually manage to get through a single full charge while testing it and weíve had it here for a few weeks. Even when the battery does come round to needing a charge, the included tangle-free cable was of a high quality and lengthy enough to allow you to use the keyboard while it charges.

At £99 in the UK and $99 in the US, the K83 isnít exactly cheap, and there are more affordable alternatives from large online retailers, but they donít offer the same refined experience you can expect from Corsair. The value of the keyboard is reliant upon its extended functionality and wide connectivity; if you can make the most of its comprehensive design it will seem cheap at twice the price.

Overall, the flexibility the K83 Wireless offers goes a long way to increasing its appeal; if you have a use for a wireless keyboard, this one won't leave you disappointed.

+ Solid build quality
+ Works with a range of products
+ Low-latency 2.4GHz or Bluetooth
+ Looks fantastic
+ Good battery life
+ Typing was great
+ Lightweight

- Awkward right and left click on the trackpad
- Circular trackpad
- Odd bumper button placements
- Pricey

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