CORSAIR K95 RGB Platinum XT Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅06-01-20
Considering the £210/$200/$330 (UK/US/AUS) pricetag, CORSAIR really couldn’t leave anything in the dressing room, they needed to go the whole hog here; but we’re pleased to tell you, they’ve done a cracking job!

First off, build quality. CORSAIR have this aspect of their peripherals absolutely nailed at this point, everything we receive to review is packaged well, comes with the right accessories, and everything is finished to a premium standard. We have absolutely zero concerns regarding the longevity of this keyboard.

Gaming on the K95 Platinum XT was as good as it gets, particularly in FPS games with the WASD replacement keys in place. The 1.2mm actuation point of the speed keys paired with the cushioned wrist rest was excellent, truly excellent. While we don’t have it here, we fully suspect that if you planned to use the PC for a lot of typing as well as gaming, the CHERRY MX Brown option would be the best way to go.

Sadly, the RGB lighting was quite bright enough for us, but the effects built into the software, the transition in colour and the ability to pair this up to masses of different components does somewhat make up for that. We love the lightbar across the top as well, it’s something different and adds another section that you can either love or hate.

The Elgato integration, due to CORSAIR taking ownership of them in 2018, is an excellent way to add real value to the keyboard. Sure, the macro options were all well and good, but Elgato’s expertise in this section are specialised and much more valuable. A 6-button Elgato Stream Deck Mini is £80, and sure it has the LCD screens on the buttons, but once you know what each of them do, those LCD screens become redundant anyway, so you could argue that this saves you £80, if you were going to buy a Stream Deck Mini.

Finally, the plush palm rest. This is, and I’m not mincing my words here, the final piece of the puzzle that CORSAIR keyboards were missing. I’ve often said I would love to own one but the hard plastic wrist rest killed the deal each time, but now they’ve resolved that ‘issue’, I’m buying one, with CHERRY MX Brown keyswitches.

The K95 RGB Platinum XT, and this was an easy conclusion to make, is the best keyboard I’ve used to date. Great software support, Elgato built-in, CHERRY MX Brown switch availability, a plush wrist rest, stunning design and rock solid build quality.

+ Beautiful design
+ Extra comfortable thanks to the wrist rest
+ CORSAIR build quality
+ Great software
+ Elgato support
+ Extra keycaps included
+ Full anti-ghosting
+ Has a USB passthrough
+ Choice of CHERRY MX Speed, Brown or Blue

- RGB backlighting isn’t the brightest
- Only USB 2.0 passthrough
- Relies on two pieces of software

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