Corsair MP510 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅17-10-18
So, it turns out that Corsair’s claims of “our fastest drive yet” are well-founded and true, but the real question we wanted to know was, how did it compare to the competition? Well, as it happens, fairly well.

Starting off with the appearance of the drive, which matters to many of the potential customers, with a focus on RGB lighting and cable management. The black PCB and black label looks great, and with the warranty label being on the reverse side, we avoid any ugly white labels. Good news for users with tempered glass panel sides hoping for a beautiful build.

But, much more importantly, the performance. Corsair reckon the NVMe drive is capable of up to 3480MB/s read and 3000MB/s write, which our ATTO test proved to be true, with the rear test managing just shy of that figure, at 3414MB/s and the write speed actually surpassing the quoted speed at 3019MB/s. Not only that, we also find the Corsair drive topping many of our tests, which may surprise Samsung somewhat. The one test that the MP510 seemed to struggle in was the PCMark 8, which tests the drive with a broad range of varying tasks to give a good idea of how the drive will fare in real world tests.

Endurance is another point which needs highlighting. The Samsung 970 Pro 1TB offers up 1200TBW and a 5 year warranty, which is great, but Corsair go ahead and mash that into the ground with a 1700TBW rating; that’s 1.7 Petabytes! It’s not often we get to talk about Petabytes in the general consumer space. This makes the Corsair MP510 a true workhorse that’s designed for proper longevity. To put those numbers into Lehman’s terms, across the five-year warranty, you can complete almost an entire drive write, around 900GB, per day, without reaching that maximum figure.

Finally, pricing, which is yet another strong suit of the Corsair MP510. The 960GB model that we reviewed today arrives to market with a price tag of £230/$240, this is just a smidge above the pricing of a 512GB Samsung 970 Pro. Moving up to the highest capacity 1920GB drive, at £430, you’re getting almost twice the capacity for a given price than if you were shopping for the 970 PRO.

As much as we try, we’re struggling to find any reason to not recommend this drive. If you want a fast, reliable, good looking NVMe drive, this is the one to go for.

+ Brilliant performance
+ Simple aesthetics
+ Class-leading endurance
+ Price
+ Easy installation

+- PC Mark 8 performance lacked slightly

- None

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