Corsair Vengeance M60 Mouse Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅18-01-12
The Corsair Vengeance M60 FPS laser gaming mouse is a fantastic first attempt at a mouse. You might say it is close to perfection - it really is that good. The Corsair K60 gaming keyboard we reviewed earlier gave me mixed feelings on whether Corsair should stick to what they know and that entering into the gaming peripheral market was a step too far however, after giving the M60 gaming mouse a thorough workout I am pleased to report that Corsair have created a product that is ergonomically sound, looks fantastic and performs at the highest level. With a plethora of features including macro capability, on-the-fly DPI adjustment, tactile mouse wheel and a very useful 'sniper' button, the M60 should be given serious consideration by any FPS gamer.

As you will find in my reviews, I like to give the good and the bad news to you and as usual, the Corsair M60 does come with a few little problems, albeit minor. Firstly, the weights are difficult to remove. While it can be argued that once the weight is setup, you would have little need to re-adjust again however as with the ridiculously high DPI of 5700, the option would be nice to have. Needing a flat head screwdriver to remove/add weights (not all of us have long finger nails) is not the best design ever created, especially when you consider other manufacturers weights can be removed much more easily. I was also disappointed that the mouse did not have enough on-board memory to save more than one profile. Without this feature any profiles you create (including macro settings) are stored on the PC that has the software installed not on the mouse itself. While this may not affect the majority of users, it becomes a useless feature for those who intend to use the mouse at LAN events. Having little on-board memory means you are stuck with the one profile that was last uploaded to the mouse.

That said, the little issues I have found are hardly worth beating the drum about because for the most part, the Corsair Vengeance M60 is a fantastic mouse and the Corsair technicians should be very proud of their achievements because if my experience is anything to go by, this mouse will sell by the truck load. I loved the aluminium unibody and while it adds a little weight when compared to the plastic mice available, the product does not feel overly heavy rather it feels robust and purveys an air of quality and reliability. The switchgear used is excellent throughout with the main mouse buttons being sensitive to the touch, the side buttons not being intrusive, the sniper button requiring focussed operation and the mouse wheel being accurate thanks to the tactile feedback. The price is competitive and performance above par with other mice of this nature, in actual fact it is perhaps fair to say that at £50 you would be hard pushed to find a mouse that is as feature packed and performs as good as the Corsair M60.

With this in mind, there can be no other award suitable other than our prized Gold and approved awards as minor faults aside, this mouse is an excellent example of how a gaming mouse should look, perform and cost. An all round excellent product from Corsair - you would be foolish not to have this at the top of your gaming mouse list!

+ Very comfortable to use
+ Excellent performance
+ Removable weights
+ On-the-fly DPI adjustment
+ Sniper Button
+ Aluminium body
+ User friendly software

- Not enough on-board memory
- Difficult to remove weights

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Thanks to Corsair for providing today’s review sample.

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