Cougar 500M review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅24-08-15

Keeping up their passion for quality, the Cougar 500M proves itself to be a true product from a leading design team. The finish and quality is excellent and the comfort and feel in the hand fills one with confidence. The 'Trigger Button' is an interesting approach to on-the-fly DPI adjustments and with the software, you could even use it as a trigger in game, but realistically its position makes that a little unfeasible, but highlights how gamers and enthusiasts will love the programmability provided by Cougars UIX software.

There are few considerations to mention in regards to the 500M but they are minor at best. One of these would be the tracking, though this is a known weakness of this optical sensor, and as long as you use a plain black gaming surface the tracking will be consistent and flawless. The other being the high actuation force of the mouse clicks but this could simply be down to the switches needing a break in period. The 500M is priced highly competitively, and while there are other mice on the market for a similar price which may offer other features, such as customisable weight or a different design of LED lighting, the quality in the construction and design of the 500M makes 'other features' become little more than extra fluff.

The Cougar 500M carries the philosophy of high quality construction, design and performance into a lower price bracket and will certainly come recommended.

+ Feels good/ Comfortable
+ Solid construction
+ Fully programmable
+ On-board memory
+ Good software support
+ Price

- Doesn't track well on varied surfaces

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