COUGAR 600M Review

👤by Kurtis Simpson Comments 📅29-04-15
While the topic of gaming mice remains subjective within the user's own experience with the product, the functionality of said device is one of primary importance. And this is primarily where the 600M delivers. COUGAR's UIX software serves as a prime example of their unified aesthetics. The simplified nature of navigation and functionality when configuring profiles and deciding on macros is a pleasure to work with.

While we imagine most consumers taking a greater liking to black, the potential for a finely tuned set-up consisting of a COUGAR branded keyboard and the 600M in orange, is without a doubt tempting. The only real concern that users should be aware of when deciding to purchase the 600M, is the possibility of dirt and finger prints that come along with the model in orange. This small flaw isn't particularly major, nor one that should turn consumers away. It's just something to consider as cleaning the mouse proves to be a choir.

Build quality and functionality are justified, as is the level of comfort thanks to it's soft-touch design. As far as killer-features go or bringing something new to the table, unfortunately, the 600M has nothing new in-terms of features or the latter, that's of noteworthy discussion other than being an all-round performer. At the time of writing the 600M is currently not available for those in the UK. Should UK consumers consider the 600M through the means of import, it's roughly priced at £40/$56.

Serving as it's most prominent features, the soft-touch grip and software customization is where the 600M holds it's greatest strengths.

+Exceptional levels of comfort
+RGB lighting
+Up to 8200 DPI
+Outstanding performance

- Rubber grip coating picks up dirt and finger prints

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