COUGAR 700K Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-12-14

700K isn’t COUGAR’s first attempt at designing a keyboard but previous products in the portfolio have struggled to gain any limelight but we can totally understand why this new offering changes things somewhat.

With striking looks and a sturdy aluminium structure, 700K looks and feels like a high-quality mechanical gaming keyboard. For those who are particular about styling, this keyboard doesn’t disappoint.

Functionality is probably one of 700K’s strongest features. It features an impressive number of additional keys for customisation, multimedia, enhanced keyboard control and has an intuitive software suite to manage all of the options.

Although we don’t have the option to change the colour of the backlighting (It’s fixed to orange) we can control the illumination of each individual key which brings a good level of customisation. COUGAR has also given 700K the ability to run through different animation modes and even activate such modes in a sleep state – after a set period of time has elapsed.

Having a price-tag of £99 GBP / $150 USD, 700K is actually quite reasonably priced. Comparing 700K to rivals around this price stands this keyboard in good stead.

COUGAR has designed an impressive mechanical gaming keyboard in the 700K – we really like the styling, included features and the respective software suite. Compulsive gamers will find this keyboard a worthy contender on the battlefield.

+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Aluminium structure
+ Per-key lighting
+ Easy to use software suite
+ Plenty of customisation
+ Full N-KRO
+ On-the-fly buttons – Brightness, Disable Windows Key
+ Independent multimedia buttons
+ Detachable wrist rest and rubber pad

- Single windows key on right
- LED shade cannot be changed

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