COUGAR 700M Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-09-14

Gaming mice and other peripherals are generally quite subjective products to review, nevertheless we can still report back on our impressions of such a device, commenting on its quality, feature-set and testing performance and to that end, 700M is an outstanding mouse.

From a visual stand point 700M epitomises tech and gaming bringing both of these entities together and forming an aggressive and extraordinary gaming mouse. COUGAR has combined aluminium, smooth plastic and anti-slip rubber. By using all of these materials we have a comfortable mouse and although 700M may look complex to the eye it retains a high level of ergonomics.

Customisation is surely the highlight of 700M, because there are numerous avenues to wander down with this exciting mouse; via the software buttons can be configured to the users preference, the weight can be adjusted to suit and the palm rest can not only be interchanged but can also have its height altered to cater for different styled grips.

Physical design and customisation aside, 700M excels in a range of different gaming genres and general usage around the Windows environment. With pinpoint accuracy this mouse gets the job done regardless of the surface pad texture. Flawless operation is what the gamer requires and 700M delivers just that.

Its true that the 70 GBP / $85 USD price-tag does sting a little and for some it may be hard to justify but we are left in no doubt of 700Ms capabilities and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

700M has all the hallmarks of a prolific gaming mouse and yet it goes beyond these accreditations by offering up a whole new level of customisation and quality. What greater commendation can a product attain when the editor himself choices to use it for everyday use.


+ Visually impressive
+ Comfortable & ergonomic
+ Plenty of well-placed buttons
+ Button customisation
+ Weight customisation
+ Palm grip customisation
+ Aluminium structure
+ Height adjustable palm rest
+ Up to 8200 DPI
+ Excellent performance

- Quite pricey

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