Creative MUVO 2C Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-09-17
It is difficult not to be impressed by the MUVO 2C. Its audio defies its small body and it has a whole load of features that help make it a versatile, and attractive proposition compared to others in its category. The MUVO 2C ticks many boxes for people looking for a real lightweight, portable speaker that can be used in any situation, outdoors, indoors, and can easily be carried with you every day. Though there are some inevitable limitations due to its size, these can be partially overcome by pairing two of these together for a wireless stereo experience, overcoming said limitations

The downsides to the MUVO 2C are greatly outweighed by its market pricing, where at £39.99, the MUVO 2C makes for a great all round product where one could almost consider them disposable, where the fear of wrecking your expensive Bluetooth speaker outdoors in the rain or at the beach, is simply non-existent. Still, we believe these points are are worth noting. Firstly, the battery life could be a little better, though as it is, it should easily last an afternoon of continuous use. Secondly, Creative need to address the software issues, as we encountered problems with trying to update the firmware, and with trying to connect the Sound Blaster Connect (MUVO Control Panel) Mobile APP.

In short, the MUVO 2C is a fantastic, well-balanced product that will appeal to many people. Though not entirely perfect, there is a lot to love, and we would have no hesitation to recommend it due to the amazing value it represents.

Though ultra lightweight and portable, the MUVO 2C sounds incredibly good, the passive radiator enhances the bass, while the full-range driver creates a dynamic audio that is larger-than-you'd-expect from something so small.

+ Solid construction
+ IP66 Certified (Splash/dust proof)
+ Small and lightweight (159g)
+ Bluetooth, SD Card, aux-in, and USB connectivity
+ Clear audio with deep bass
+ Features a microphone
+ Easy to use controls
+ Can pair 2x MUVO C2 together
+ Available in 8 colours
+ Price

- Only 6hr battery life
- Software issues

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