Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅17-10-13

The price of this product may become hard to swallow for some at £199.99, but considering the technology and versatility put into the EVO Zx, you can use it for all your audio needs. Capable of pairing up with two wireless devices at the same time and then being able to plug into your PC as a high quality gaming headset, this is a one for all product that reeks of quality and is certainly priced correctly. It has a good supporting bundle that allows for various connectivity and even includes a PU leather carry case. The battery life seems to live up to expectations after I gave a near continuous use of around 6 hours and there was still around 1/4 battery life left registered, so the promise of up to 8 hours life appears plausible.

To pick up on an oversight, there is a bit more plastic than some may want to see at this price point, it would have been exceptional if we saw anodised aluminium in place of plastic, though it has used high quality plastics that do not cause much concern. Another thing to note would be the reliability of the battery over a long period of time, but that is something that remains to be seen. Regardless the Sound Blaster EVO Zx is a very attractive, very versatile piece of equipment that aims to dominate your audio life, if you can justify the cost, you should let it.

The Creative Sound Blaster EVO Zx is an exceptional product that brings the future to today, with appealing looks and excellent sound quality, it can touch on every aspect of your audio life. If you like new technology, you will love this. Deserving of our Gold and (Ironically) Creative awards.

+ Excellent 40mm Driver performance
+ Comfortable
+ Gorgeous aesthetics
+ Long battery life
+ Dual wireless pairing
+ Versatile connectivity
+ Excellent microphone
+ Excellent supporting bundle inc. carry case

- Price

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