Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB DDR4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅25-10-14

You should never judge a book by it's cover so the saying goes and this has never been more true than with the Crucial Ballistix Sport. The kit gave us a predictable set of results being the 3rd fastest kit, on paper at least, on test which was reflected in our own tests. It did exactly as it said on the tin running at 2400MHz with the latencies set via X.M.P so we have little to complain about in that regard. The main feature of this kit is something that is not advertised and that is the phenomenal overclocking capabilities this kit has. While it obviously cannot be guaranteed that every kit will be capable of 3000MHz, the kit supplied to us reached this mark and was stable with very little tweaking involved.

To look at, you would be forgiven for thinking this was a smart little memory kit offering little more than what is advertised thanks to the discreet heatspreaders and basic packaging but like us, you would be wrong for thinking that because the mid range Crucial Ballistix Sport kit has so much more to offer. Priced at around 195 GBP / $255 USD it is not cheap but then you are buying 16GB of cutting edge DDR4 and when compared to some of the other kits on the market this is actually quite a snip, especially when you consider the overclocking capabilities. For this reason we are awarding the kit our Silver award.

The Crucial Ballistix Sport may look underwhelming but underneath those nondescript heatspreaders lay some blistering memory chips that will embarrass some memory kits costing a lot more money.

+ Good value
+ Low profile
+ Amazing overclocking capability

- Basic Packaging

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