Crucial BX100 SSD Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅08-03-15

The 1TB Crucial BX100 offers the buyer tremendous value for money in comparison to other 1TB SSDs on the market, a rarity as far as Solid State Drive prices go. Costing around the £280 mark it is however still very expensive at £0.28 per GB compared to the 40p per GB of a mechanical drive. A mechanical drive is however much slower, consumes more power, runs hotter, weighs more and is all round generally much less efficient than that of an SSD. Whether those inefficiencies, be it speed or power are enough to sway your opinion away from the traditional hard disk drive to the much more modern SSD is a decision only you can make but at least Crucial have now given the buyer the opportunity to do so without breaking the bank.

We said at the start of this review that Crucial were not aiming to break any performance barriers but the BX100 was certainly no slouch, often holding its own against the top end drives currently available. We were worried that performance would take a big hit by changing from the traditional Marvell controller to the Silicon Motion controller but our fears were unfounded because this drive is plenty quick enough, especially for a storage drive which is where we feel this huge drive capacity is best suited.

So, all things considered we feel justified in awarding our Value award not only because of the price in comparison to other SSDs but also because it offers a viable alternative to the traditional mechanical storage devices. It is also a well rounded, high performing product so Gold is comfortably awarded too. Well done Crucial.

In summary:
Whether you crave value or performance, Crucial satisfies both desires with the BX100 SSD.

+ Excellent Value for Money
+ Good Read/Write Performance
+ 3 year warranty
+ Included 9mm adaptor

- Still much more expensive than mechanical drives

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