Crucial BX100 SSD Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅08-03-15
First Look

The outer packaging appears to be identical to the packaging of the MX100 we reviewed last year with just the product title and sticker to the bottom left telling us what the drive capacity is being the only differences.

The rear of the package gives us the dimensions of the drive and that it comes with Crucial's standard 3 year warranty.

As with most SSDs, the Crucial BX100 measures 2.5 inches in width and just 7mm in height. Crucial have also kindly included a 9mm spacer for those that need to make the SSD a little bigger in the package.

The rear of the drive has a sticker telling us the model number, product number and serial number (required for warranty purposes) along with the product storage size and power requirements (5v/2A).

Inside the drive we can tell you that the 1TB version features MICRON Flash NAND but the cornerstone, and perhaps where Crucial have made the most interesting cost cut is by the use of a Silicon Motion 4-channel SM2246EN controller as opposed to the traditional Marvell controller. Making up the memory are 16 x 64GB 128Gbit 16nm synchronous MLC NAND flash making a total of 1TB/931GB usable storage capacity.

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