Deepcool AK400 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅06-04-22

Deepcool’s new AK400 is designed to appeal to the mainstream system builder, looking for an affordable CPU cooler for the next PC build.

For a cooler costing this much, you may not expect much from the thermal performance but AK400 will surprise you. It didn’t trail that far behind a competing, high-performance AIO liquid cooler in our tests with the mighty Intel Core i9-12900K. This cooler managed to keep the temperatures at more than acceptable levels.

Our cooling test system uses LGA 1700 and the entire installation process was simple and easy. We were able to have the cooler installed in less than 15 minutes, there are just a small handful of steps to follow and thanks to the dimensions of AK400, it will fit onto most motherboards easily – not hindering the memory slots and with a height of just 155mm, computer case compatibility is very good.

The highlight for this CPU cooler is the price which sees AK400 available for just: $30 USD with a lengthy 3 years warranty. At such a low-cost, and proven reliable performance, this makes AK400 a great buy.

Deepcool’s AK400 may not cost much but it delivers big on performance and low-noise!

+ Clean and tidy aesthetics
+ Equipped to tackle multiple socket types
+ Low noise operation
+ Good overall performance
+ Very affordable
+ 3 years warranty

- Not all sockets are covered
- No thermal paste included in accessories

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