Deepcool CK500 WH Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅25-04-22

In our time with the CK500 WH, we have had a positive experience. There are many things to like about this new case!

Inside, Deepcool provides ample space for housing the very latest kit, whether that is large CPU coolers, long graphics cards or all in one liquid coolers. Cable management is easy to keep under control thanks to the way in which Deepcool has designed the backside of the motherboard tray. One particular feature which works surprisingly well is the GPU support mechanism which helps to reduce strain placed on the PCI Express slot by large, heavy, graphics cards.

The CK560 (which is a similar case to the CK500) will be the obvious choice for those seeking better airflow, due to the perforated front panel, but CK500 does an admirable job in the cooling department despite having a closed off front section. Air from outside the case can still be sucked in from the edge for the front panel and the included dual 120mm fans produce decent airflow with their push/pull configuration.

CK500 WH arrives with a price-tag of USD: $89 | AUD $129 – which we feel represents reasonable value for money for what’s on offer.

Deepcool’s new CK500 WH is a great mid-tower case which is built well, supports high-end kit and looks sleek.

+ Sleek aesthetics
+ Easy to removal panels/dust filters
+ Includes USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C
+ Cooling is decent
+ Ample space for hardware
+ Good build quality
+ Includes GPU support mechanism

- Storage lacks cooling

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