DiRT 4 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅13-06-17
No other racing game from the past few years has had the same appeal or grip than DiRT 4 has managed, the scenery is beautiful, the cars look stunning and have the feel and performance to match. The re-introduction of Colin McRae’s co-driver, Nicky Grist, is an awesome feature worthy of mention several times, though you must feel a little sorry for Jen Horsey, as Grist steals the limelight. Whether you’re a DiRT veteran or brand new to the series, this game offers a play style for you, along with an extensive DiRT Academy to hone your skills.

The Your Stage feature of DiRT 4 is epic, allowing an almost unlimited supply of brand new stages to blast your Ford Escort round, keeping things fresh, but also doing so with very little user input required – A genuinely amazing feat from Codemasters.

If you purchase one game this year, DiRT 4 has to be it, offering hours of fun with a plethora of cars, along with the beautiful scenery managed by Codemasters.

+ Excellent mechanics (Aero and suspension)
+ Beautiful scenery and graphics
+ Great choice of recent cars
+ DiRT Academy offers extensive training
+ Your Stage implemented brilliantly
+ Choice of handling model
+ Range of game modes available
+ Multiplayer works well
+ Amazing audio

- A little pricey at launch
- Needs more historic cars
- Highscores between friends could be better set up

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