EPOS H3 Gaming Headset Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅20-04-21

The trend of high quality EPOS audio hardware continues with the H3, a gaming headset that rivals any within the same price window and may pose problems for some models higher in price but lower in value. While not by any means revolutionising the market, each aspect is competently and confidently implemented for an overall design that slightly emphasises comfort over audio reproduction.

Default equalisation biases a little towards the higher ranges, trading off a thumping bass response in favour of better clarity for high and mid tones. That’s important for multiplayer gaming for many reasons, but particularly in cutting through immersive game sound with clear person-to-person comms.

One criticism however is the amount of noise transmitted through the cable rubbing and banging against other objects and surfaces. It can be distractingly loud, particularly compared to more subtle sounds, and very much detracts from the overall experience whether gaming or simply listening to music.

Speaking of comms, the microphone EPOS implemented is a creditable addition to the H3. While the telltale compression of a headset microphone is still present, it’s much less aggressive in this instance and so your voice comes through exceptionally clearly. We’re not quite sure it comes through as truly ‘studio quality’ as described in the marketing, but it’s certainly a cut above the usual fare even at the upper bounds of the £90-£110 price point. Third party equalisation tools can, of course, also be used to generate a richer sound if desired.

The H3 is also one of the more comfortable headsets we’ve come across, and not just because of the cups’ plush oversized foam pads. EPOS have designed an articulation for the cups that gives it an additional degree of freedom, helping the headset conform to the shape of your head just a little better. Furthermore, it weighs in at just 278g, over 100g less than some competing designs.

Another factor in the positive overall review is that some components can be replaced as necessary. The microphone is integrated, but both ear pads and cables can be bought separately as replacements if required by heavy use.

And finally, those with games consoles will be able to also take advantage of the option of dual 3.5mm headphone/mic jacks or a single 4-pole 3.5mm headset jack depending on the console used. It’s a simple addition that’s oftentimes overlooked by headset manufacturers chasing lower costs.

The EPOS H3 is another design that’s a credit to their growing range of headsets, and one formally separates itself from its Senneheiser past without losing out on quality. Comfortable and with very good audio microphone quality, it’s definitely one to look out for at an MSRP of £109.


+ Comfortable
+ Lightweight
+ Good audio output
+ Great microphone
+ Selection of connectors
+ Console and PC compatible
+ Replaceable cable and ear pads


- Not premium, but not inexpensive
- Noise transmitted through cable + housing when rubbing against clothes/other objects
- Lack base punch

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