EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅17-06-12
As we have mentioned many times now, EVGA are incessantly linked to overclockers the world over. While this card did not grant amazing results it is testament to the EVGA techs that they have pushed this card to the overclocking limits using stock voltages. Raise the voltages and it is possible to squeeze a little more horsepower out of the Signature Superclocked GTX680. So while the card is certainly no slouch in pre-overclocked state, it soars to the very top of our performance charts.

It comes as no surprise that the Signature Superclocked GTX680 attains our prestigious Elite award as it is simply the fastest, single core GPU we have tested to date. Had it also arrived with a custom cooler to keep those GPU throttling temps under control then I would have no hesitation of awarding it a Gold too. Such as it is, with a barely tweaked reference cooler, it will have to settle for Silver this time around. If you have your heart set on the EVGA signature Overclocked then you will be pleased to hear EVGA also have a revised version, the imaginatively named EVGA GTX680 Signature Superclocked 2, which has a twin fan cooling design - something this card is screaming out for.

The cooling performance should not deter you though because with EVGA's renown back-up warranty and RMA service at your disposal, the card offers very good value for money and perhaps most importantly at this price point, peace of mind because at £476 it is little over £45 more than a reference card and for that you get a factory overclock along with better, cleaner power delivery. For a 10% premium, that has got to be worth it!

So if you are after a scorchingly fast graphics card that not only looks the part but also built to the very highest standards, all wrapped up in a package that has a service second to none, then you will struggle to find a better card than the EVGA Signature Superclocked.

+ Pre-Overclocked
+ Very Fast
+ Good Packaging
+ Excellent Warranty/Service

- Not much left in the tank for Overclocking
- Runs hot in comparison to custom cooled cards

Click here for an explanation of our awards at Vortez.net. Thanks to EVGA for providing today’s review sample.

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