Fnatic Gear Rush Pro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅18-09-16

As an initial entry into the peripheral market, Fnatic have a solid, and reliable mechanical keyboard that will provide gamers with all the functions they need for no-nonsense gaming, just as Fnatic set out in their mission. The software serves its purpose well with assigning macros and saving profiles to the onboard memory. The included wrist rest is always welcome, the backlighting is functional, and the USB passthough is a feature that some can't live without.

I could stop here as nothing goes downhill, but, it would be wrong to not mention that the whole recipe is slightly bland and that it is literally a rebadged Func KB-460.

It is a shame they didn't remix this recipe a little more. We would love to have seen brand relevant alterations, the Fnatic logo is cool, LIGHT IT UP, and was there really no chance to alter the background/ LED colour to match the deep amber of the Fnatic logo?

Also, a note on rubberised plastic. (Rant mode enabled)

Rubber coated plastic looks good at first, and some people may even pretend to like the feel of it too. But lets have an honest conversation about it. Rubberised coated plastic feels like used condoms. It picks up fingerprints, and after a long sweaty gaming sessions the surface goes gammy and looks awful. The point is, the day of rubber coated plastic is over and this feels like a revival product akin to someone trying to bring shellsuits back in fashion, something Jimmy ensured will never, ever happen. Sure, some people may even convince themselves that they still like it, but I am pretty certain they are the weird, clammy handed, lizard people that make you feel like you need a full body wash after being in their presence.

Wait, did I just describe the entire gaming community? (On thin ice now..!) /rant.

It is now worth mentioning the price, as it seems a little much at 99, though this isn't too much of a surprise considering the use of CHERRY MX switches. Though products like the ROCCAT SUORA are already nailing the no-nonsense gaming hardware area, making the Rush feel a little dated.

The Fnatic Gear Rush feels solid, and the use of CHERRY MX switches will ensure reliability. The Fnatic gear mode is convenient to activate macros while the additional USB ports are a welcome addition.

+ Available in CHERRY MX Blue, Red and Brown
+ 2x USB passthrough
+ Easy to use Fnatic Gear mode (enables Macros, disables Windows Key)
+ 5 Profiles (10 Macro recordings each)
+ Includes a wrist rest

- Price
- Feels dated (rebranded Func KB-460)

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