Fractal Design Define S2 Vision RGB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅24-04-19

With strong emphasis on extravagant RGB lighting within the tech industry, it isnt any wonder that Fractal Design has introduced a computer case which exudes and radiates deep colour tones.

In the Vision RGB, the company has taken the fundamentals of the Define S2 and improved on them leaving no stone unturned. Versatile is the keyword which epitomises this case, because each of the features denotes flexibility. The top panels can be interchanged with the option to go with a glass panel or cooling bracket and airflow filter. The PSU shroud shields untamed and unsightly cabling while also being able to host SSDs, and water cooling components on the top section.

The combination of Adjust R1 RGB controller and Nexus 9P fan hub is significantly beneficial due to being able to attach up to nine cooling fans and adjust the RGB attributes at the click of a button. The R1 is particularly useful as it only requires one of the RGB cables to be connected (the others daisy chain) and has a magnetic backplate making it easy to fasten to the chassis.

The inclusion of four RGB cooling fans and a pre-installed RGB strip will appeal to users who have an affection for all things bright and beautiful. Manufacturers of cases dont usually include an RGB fan for the rear exhaust, nor do they typically provide an RGB strip, so its nice to see Fractal Design stretching beyond what is the norm.

Taking Vision RGB into the thermal arena points to a case which is capable of presenting some good overall cooling performance. The result may not place this case at the top of the leaderboard for cooling but it still performs admirably considering most panels are closed off with glass.

Pricing is an area which may create a stumbling block for many this case does have a plethora of features but at $239 USD 224 GBP we wonder if Fractal Design has been overzealous with the MSRP. For the asking price we would have expected a PCI-Express riser cable to be included but this has to be purchased separately.

Advocates of the original Define S2 with an affection for extravagant lighting will love the Vision RGB. This case is the ideal enclosure to showcase the delights of any configuration to its full potential.

+ Available in RGB or Blackout version
+ Glass panels on all sides
+ Easy access to the top of case
+ Features USB 3.1 Gen2 port
+ Great build quality
+ Multiple storage options
+ Includes PWM fan hub
+ Includes RGB controller
+ Can house high-end kit
+ Flexible for liquid coolers
+ Good cooling performance
+ Interchangeable top panels
+ Easy to arrange cable management
+ Four RGB cooling fans and RGB strip included

- PCI-Express riser cable needs to be purchased separately
- Cost

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