Fractal Design Prisma AL-12 PWM Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-05-19
Starting off with aesthetics, the fan looks decent when idle but when switched on, the RGB lighting is impressive. The support from the four largest motherboard manufacturers certainly helps its appeal, considering the lack of any included RGB controller, though as we mentioned early in the review, the Fractal Design Adjust R1 module is available for around £10.00/$10.00; this can be used for as many Fractal Prisma fans you own, thanks to their daisy-chain cables. Having said that, the Corsair LL120 RGB, with its twin-zone lighting, does look better at a very similar price point.

Moving onto performance, sadly, the Fractal Prisma AL-12 hasn’t performed all that well, despite Fractal developing the Trip Wire on the blades, using high quality LLS bearings and isolating the corners with rubber. It didn’t keep our Core i7 3930K particularly cool, nor did it stay quiet.

Price, for many, is a big deciding factor in any purchase, so at £22.99/$27.99, expectations are high. We couldn’t recommend this fan at this price point; we’d be happier if it was around the £15/$18 mark, but even then, it wouldn’t be top of our list.

As far as a case/radiator fan goes, the list of functions it must serve aren’t lengthy, it needs to move air and do so as quietly as possible. Unfortunately, as it turns out, Fractal appear to have dropped the ball on this one, failing on both fronts.

+ Lovely RGB lighting
+ Extensive motherboard support
+ Doesn’t require any kind of RGB controller
+ Braided 500mm cables

- Costly
- Poor performance
- Outdone by the Corsair LL120 on all fronts

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