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👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅28-02-13

If we're honest we were not wowed by the Surface 1030XL, and so approached this review with some trepidation. At first glance the MS-3 appeared to be a simple re-badge of one of the hundreds of generics already around, but the reality is very different.

We found that the MS-3's layout and plethora of configurable buttons made it an very intriguing proposition for MMO and vanilla RPGs whilst not being quite as well suited to FPS due to higher than normal drag. Even with this proviso the MS-3 is a creditable FPS mouse, not least due to the InstantAim functionality which is an excellent addition so long as your grip suits the placement.

The InstantAim button itself could be larger, making it a little more accessible to those who use finger-grips or have smaller hands, but that's a minor gripe. We also appreciate that it's a rebindable button rather than having a fixed purpose, making the mouse much more flexible for gaming of all genres.

If we had a major disappointment it would be the wheel. Other buttons feel quite responsive, whilst wheel movement was a little stiff and developed a squeak after a couple of weeks of testing; over time however we've come to the conclusion that it's a teething problem which will work itself out with continued use. This aside, the MS-3 displays exceptional build quality.

In terms of software, it's solid without being exceptional in functionality. The largest oversight is without doubt in the macro system, which doesn't have the depth of many competitors and failed to live up to the promise of the user guide. A lack of input delay option for each key press is a particular loss, but as the tested software suite was the initial release version this may be an oversight swiftly rectified.

As a final note, the ergonomic shape will be awkward for some. Those with wide diameter fingers will find the right-hand ridges somewhat uncomfortable, whilst those with small hands may consider it to be a little bulky with hard to reach auxiliary button locations. As personal preference is a huge factor being able to try before you buy would be excellent.

Func could have taken the well trodden road of a budget rebranded generic for their début mouse, but they refused to do so. The result is far more than creditable, with a well designed shape and additional functionality very rarely seen. Software - so often a pitfall - is more well put together than many competitors have been able to achieve, though it does suffer from fewer profiles and less powerful macro tool. In summation, the MS-3 deserves its Silver Award and we look forward to seeing what they can come up with next..

+ At least 8 easily accessible programmable buttons
+ Ergonomic Shape
+ OMRON Switches
+ Three independent profiles
+ LED accent lighting

- Weak mouse wheel
- Inflexible macro creator
- Limited number of possible macros
- Wide base causes more drag than some alternatives

= Works best paired with solid base mousemats such as the Func Surface 1030XL

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