Gainward GTX 1060 Phoenix GS Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅27-07-16

Having already reviewed the NVIDIA GTX 1060 FE and a custom design from MSI, the standard has been set. So how do Gainward’s efforts in the Phoenix GS shape up?

Well, the GTX 1060 Phoenix GS has plenty of positive points we can expand on. While the physical design may not be suited to every user’s theme, we’re pleased to see Gainward diversifying with styling which is quite a departure from the aesthetic trends set by other graphics vendors.

The attached cooler on the Phoenix GS delivers impressive thermals and low-noise – against the competition this cooler design achieved great results, without needing an additional fan like other GTX 1060s. It’s also pleasing to see Phoenix GS appearing as the most efficient graphics card in our current lineup of testing cards; proving how efficient this card and its design really is. Such lower power consumption therefore means that end users needn’t worry about buying in a high-wattage PSU for this mid-range graphics card.

In the gaming arena Phoenix GS offers good performance in DX11 and DX12 title, 1080p being the ideal resolution for this card. Ideally, for the cost we’d have liked to see a bump in the memory clock speed, which has been left untouched from its default transfer rate. The GPU has been given a conservative factory overclock but again, this could well have been nudged up slightly more to achieve even greater results in terms in the 3D performance.

Phoenix GS is slightly more expensive compared to the Founders Edition but we do have a factory overclock and a rather capable cooling solution. This card is priced at £299 GBP / $280 USD and also arrives with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.

Gainward presents an appealing solution for those wanting a piece of the GTX 1060 action. Phoenix GS achieves low-noise, low-temperatures and delivers on performance too!

+ Distinct aesthetics
+ Customisable LED lighting
+ Comes with factory overclock
+ Low-noise
+ Effective cooling
+ Overclocks even further
+ Good performance
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 2 year warranty

- Marginal performance gains over Founders Edition
- No memory overclock

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