GeIL Enhance CORSA 1600MHz CL9 8GB DDR3 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-12-11
Packaging & Closer Look

Enhance CORSA is presented in a similar package to that of the EVO CORSA. The dual channel kit we are looking at today are within a small cardboard packet, there is a small window that gives a sneak preview of one of the modules inside and the GeIL DBT Enhanced logo can be clearly seen in the bottom right corner. On the reverse of the packet is the GeIL company address and memory specifications.

Enhance CORSA packaging

The reverse of the packaging

Taking the modules out of the packaging the first thing to note is the similarity with the heatsink design to that of the recently reviewed EVO CORSA kit. Again as with the EVO CORSA’s the colour choice is rather strange if you are on a mission to create a colour co-ordinated system. The only motherboard that springs to mind that this kit will match well with is the GIGABYTE X58-OC and X79-UD7.

Bright orange heatsink design is striking

Looking at the modules from the side we can see the profile of the Enhance CORSA kit. The thickness of the modules with the heatsinks attached are 4mm, whilst the extended height of the heatsink adds on an additional 1.75cm.

The profile of Enhance CORSA

The height of Enhance CORSA

On the reverse of the modules is the specifications label, this gives the capacity, frequency, CAS timings, serial number and rated voltage. The CAS timings on this kit are quite high so it’s expected that overclocking will be extremely limited – more on this later.

Memory specifications label on reverse

Over the page we will begin our thorough testing of the Enhance CORSA dual channel kit and see how it compares to other rivals.

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