GIGABYTE GTX 780 GHz Edition Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅13-01-14

The GIGABYTE GTX 780 GHz Edition is brilliant in almost every department. For starters it has to be classed as one of the best looking graphics cards available and this is indisputable whether you favour NVIDIA or AMD. Sure, we have seen the Windforce cooler before, both old and new versions but GIGABYTE have added to an already successful design by implementing backplate cooling and protection that not only does both jobs well but also looks gorgeous while doing so. It is also one of the fastest 'out of the factory' GTX780s available with a blistering 1071MHz 'on-tap' when you need it most. Having a factory overclock so high did however mean that manual overclocking is restricted, at least on our sample to a paltry 40MHz on the core. It did however overclock exceedingly well in the memory department.

There are very few negatives we can discuss about this card as it is just that good. If we were being picky then we would have liked to have seen a better selection of accessories as this is an area that separates an excellent product from a class leader. We would have liked to have seen an improved power configuration as currently it is the same as the OC version, right down to the R47 inductors. GIGABYTE have included SK Hynix memory which as stated clocked really well but other than this when you go beneath the skin of the card it is little more than an OC version with a higher factory overclock and backplate.

Not that this is a bad thing you understand as that card too was a Gold award winner but a 50 premium is a lot to ask for a backplate and higher factory overclock. If however you deem this worth it and many will, especially if you like to watercooling your products then we can thoroughly recommend this graphics card is it is silly fast with looks and cooling to match.

To summarise:
An overclocked, overclocked version of a graphics card that has one of the highest factory overclocks of the GTX 780 available. Did we mention it is overclocked?

+ Very high factory overclock
+ 450w Windforce Cooling design
+ Very quiet
+ Very cool (looks and performance)

- Little difference from the 'OC' version but 50 more expensive
- Little room left for GPU overclocking
- Sparse accessories

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