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If you’ve checked out our video review of the GTX 980Ti G1 Gaming & Xtreme Gaming you’ll realise there is very little to separate both of these graphics cards. Fundamentally, they use the same GPU and cooling system – which will present similar results in various platforms.

The renowned WindForce cooling solution with its triple fan configuration has rightfully earned its place as one of the more reliable graphics coolers on the market. The latest rendition builds on the success of previous generations and allows some of the lowest temperatures possible for the GTX 980Ti while doing so with incredibly low acoustics. GIGABYTE’s WindForce design has scooped up many an accolade for a reason, and the latest iteration confirms why they are so well-regarded.

From a visual standpoint, the Xtreme Gaming does bring with it the new RGB lighting with that distinct halo effect – something which will be quite subjective but we feel it’s quite an appealing feature to have included.

It’s only really after we’ve removed the coolers that we truly appreciate the extend of the differences. The G1 Gaming features ultra durable components throughout and touts an 8-phase power design while over in the Xtreme Gaming camp, Titan-X grade components are used and a 14-phase power design. The Xtreme Gaming also has a special aerospace grade PCB which has protection against leaks, humidity and other extreme conditions. Delving even further in, we have a factory overclock applied to both cards which yields a 20% increase with the G1 Gaming and 22% on the Xtreme Gaming.

When placing both cards into the gaming arena, we’re left in no doubt of their capabilities with either card (in most cases) topping our charts. Compared to the G1 Gaming, the Xtreme Gaming did have a slight edge over its counterpart but the difference in some games is negligible. The performance results showcase just how prominent GIGABYTE’s offerings are – those key attributes which form the basis for an excellent graphics card are clearly evident.

In terms of pricing the G1 Gaming is £569.99 GBP / $620 USD, while the Xtreme Gaming is £599.99 GBP / $689 USD (There was a recent price-drop in the UK since filming our video). So both cards are neither the most expensive in their class, nor are they the cheapest. Against the competition from ASUS, both GIGABYTE cards are significantly cheaper and yet offer better performance in games, cooling and noise.

Both the GTX 980Ti G1 Gaming and Xtreme Gaming are prolific graphics cards which should not be overlooked. They both look fantastic and offer outstanding performance regardless of the intended use.


+ Stylish design
+ Customisable LED lighting
+ Low-noise
+ Low-temperatures
+ Excellent performance
+ Overclocks even further
+ DirectX 12 ready
+ 3 years warranty

- Not much overclocking headroom!

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