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When we were first asked to take a look at the GIGABYTE X99 Gaming 5P we were hardly what could be described as excited. You see, the thing with X99 is many of the motherboards are just re-hashed examples of themselves encompassing the same features. So reviewing yet another X99 motherboard that on the face of it appeared to be like most others was not a task that filled us with breathtaking anticipation. Even when it arrived, the box is so-so and even the aesthetics of the main board with its now very common (albeit still smart) red and black colour scheme is good but nothing to write home about. Performance too was average, nothing brilliant yet nothing disastrous. So then you would be forgiven for thinking, as were we, that this motherboard is just another run-of-the-mill outings designed for nothing other than to saturate and already drenched X99 motherboard list. To be fair for the most part you would be right.

What the GIGABYTE does though is give us a motherboard that is polished. While the BIOS does have some niggling pauses while navigating it is a small criticism for a product that does everything else very well and knowing how often GIGABYTE update thier BIOS these minor issues will be ironed out in no time. So then, the GIGABYTE X99 GAMING 5P gets our GOLD award because it's a well thought out and designed motherboard that has everything you would want from a mid/high end product; a perfectly balanced component between cost, performance and well, bling. All gamers like the shiny things in life of course. If it lights up, looks imposing while most importantly doing the job on-screen then it ticks all the boxes and that is what this motherboard pretty much does throughout, ticks all the right boxes, offering a range of features while making few sacrifices to bring you a product that is sure to satisfy whether you are a Gamer, overclocker or simply looking for a powerful foundation to your next PC upgrade.

A great balance between performance, features and cost. The GIGABYTE X99 GAMING-5P satisfies on all levels.

+ Excellent audio capabilities
+ Great all round performance
+ Good Gaming features
+ Good Overclocking potential
+ DDR4 3333MHz supported

- Reduction to 8x in TRI card formation may put some off
- BIOS 'clunky' to use at times
- No Debug LED

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