GIGABYTE Z170MX-Gaming 5 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-04-16

Downsizing is a popular pursuit for system builders who prefer a configuration which is compact, especially if space is a concern in the office workspace. There are two options for those wanting to use a small form factor – Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX. Both have specific product lines and enclusures solely designed for a condensed rig. For those wanting something not quite as small as Mini-ITX but not quite as big as ATX, Micro-ATX is the obvious choice and this is where our review subject comes in today.

GIGABYTE has made good use of the space they’re allocated with the Micro-ATX form factor on the Z170MX-Gaming 5. This motherboard offers a good balance of features – adopting many of the trademark GIGABYTE tools and options found on the larger offerings with their Intel Z170 range.

The theme of Z170MX-Gaming 5 also resembles that of the other Intel Z170 motherboards from GIGABYTE – throughout we have black, silver and red. This design will work well with other system components but is likely to pair up better with products which use red.

We’re pleased to see that GIGABYTE has chosen to place the M.2 slot on this motherboard in an unobstructed location – other vendors have fallen foul to implementing such a slot underneath the graphics card which is a foolish decision for obvious reasons.

There are other handy features which have been included also. There are dual-USB 3.0 headers which aren’t all that common but come in especially useful, as well as the G Connect adapter which allows chassis power/LED cables to be easily attached to the motherboard without any fuss.

Throughout the testing phase of our review the Z170MX-Gaming 5 realised some good results – though certainly not the best we’ve experienced on our Z170 quest. One particular aspect which was pleasing to see, was this motherboards ability to overclock our Intel Core i7-6700K to 4.7GHz. Modifying settings in the BIOS was easy and while 4.7GHz isn’t our outright best result on this platform, it is only 100MHz below the milestone. Z170MX-Gaming 5 is therefore an especially capable motherboard when it comes to pushing the limits.

Arriving with a price-tag of £140 GBP / $145 USD, American system builders will be at a distinct advantage here. Against the features and overall design, Z170MX-Gaming 5 is a good value offering.

There may not be many Intel Z170 Micro-ATX options out there in the marketplace but Z170MX-Gaming 5 should be on the shortlist. This motherboard packs in a number of useful features allows great overclocks.


+ Attractive design
+ Good use of space
+ Useful features throughout
+ Overclocks very well
+ Easy to use UEFI BIOS
+ Strong audio solution

- Killer LAN
- Brown PCB

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