GIGABYTE Z170X-Gaming 7 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅17-11-15

Arriving with a new theme for their G1 Gaming motherboards, GIGABYTE has managed to diversify the range with a stunning new aesthetic. The overall design of Gaming 7 is attractive and we regard it as a breath of fresh air.

GIGABYTE has given Gaming 7 a varied number of features which are nicely arranged through the entirety of the motherboard. There are advanced features such as v-check points, LED debug and valuable inclusions such as dual-M.2 slots and stainless steel reinforced PCI Express slots.

Putting Gaming 7 through our series of benchmark tests revealed a capable Intel Z170 motherboard. The results were good with some tests placing GIGABYTEs offering ahead of the competition and some slightly behind. Applying a substantial overclock to the Intel Core i7-6700K with this motherboard presents no problems at all. Thanks to the simplified BIOS, finding the relevant settings is easy and we managed to nudge the CPU up to an impressive 4.8GHz.

In terms of pricing, Gaming 7 costs in the region of 160 GBP / $220 USD; which, given the included features isnt anything to complain about. This motherboard brings a lot of functionality to the table, offers good performance and overclocks well.

GIGABYTE offers up a striking Intel Z170 in the Z170X-Gaming 7. This motherboard oozes finesse and while doing so brings a wealth of functionality to the table.

+ Eye-catching, attractive styling
+ Packed with features
+ Overclocks very well
+ Good performance
+ Flexible storage options inc. dual M.2

- None!

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